Nocturnal Tinença: Mas de n'Insa farmhouse

With treachery and under cover of darkness
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Price: 23,75 €/pers.* (VAT incl.)

Children up to 8 years old for free. Check out our special offers.

* Including guides-interpreters, insurance, local products snack-dinner (bread, olive oil, cheeses, cold meat, wine, juices, seasonal fruit ...), needed materials (educational, binoculars, compasses...) and quality photo report.

Tinença de Benifassa is a wild county, submerged in history and magical... Even more by night! The landscapes we will cross (and help you understand) under the starlight are spectacularly beautiful, consistent with such a special place, which is the most biodiverse of Valencian area according to recent studies. But the best of all will be to discover, before having dinner and at the old Mas de n'Insa farmhouse, how people lived in these mountains more than 50 years ago. A very special woman, born and raised in this Mas, will tell us everything about that while enjoying one of the clearest firmaments of the whole country.

Meeting point:
La Pobla de Benifassà

Approx. duration:
4 h


Recomm. age:
Children from 8

8 km